I have developed a very simple app for the Pebble smart watch written in JavaScript (Simply.js).
The project can be found on my github, at https://github.com/md100play/PebbleTides-WatchApp.

Precompiled binaries can be found also on github, at https://github.com/md100play/PebbleTides-WatchApp/releases

If you are on your phone: Install Tide Aware Here

Now supports locations outside of the United States
If you are on your phone: Install Tide Aware (Non-US) Here


  1. That’s fabulous work Michael, unfortunately my phone seems to have a default set for .pbw files which is attached to some sort of SMS management app, it’s not something I’ve installed and I’ve not been able to identify it to clear the default as yet. Even tried renaming your files extension to something random in the hope I could associate it with Pebble but it still, weirdly, opened something which looked for an SMS restore file. I’m wondering if it’s an htc system app.

      1. Ahh, I tried the built in files app and Astro, used to use ES File Explorer but I’ve had to drop it recently due to all the bloatware and pop ups it seems to show. However that worked perfectly so I’m very grateful to you for taking the time to work on this. Your previous versions both US and none US are still in the Rebble files directory so hopefully you’ll be able to interact with that soon and update your app. The contact the developer email link doesn’t work from there either. However it’s fabulous that talented folk like you and them are continuing to support what is surely still the most practical smart watch. Thanks again.

  2. Hi Mike

    Does tide aware (non us) still work with the new Rebble server? I’ve just swapped over and reinstalled it, set the locations O.K. But when I open the app on the watch the initial page shows a banner saying update available and when I select a location it just crashes back to the Pebble/Rebble app list on my Pebble Time Steel.

    Best Regards Mel.

    1. Looks like Rebble doesn’t have a way for me to update the app yet. Unfortunately, without the update it will not work properly (although that has nothing to do with Rebble/Pebble). FitBit has also recently taken down CloudPebble, where I was developing the app, so I’m now having trouble compiling it on my own computer.

  3. Hi Mike. Thanks for the app. I’m using the non US version.
    Have you thought of the ability to add the tides to theTimeline?

    1. Hi Mike,
      I’m also using the non-us version but the results are completely wrong! Yes I have checked the location is correct but it gives me, for example, high tide at Portland England as 09.05. I am there and can assure you that high tide was at 02.35 and that it is well out now….. All times local. Help!

  4. I really like this app. Thank you. One thing that I have noticed is that when using the 12 hour function, the time has the AM and PM reversed at the Noon 12:00 hour (not sure about the midnight 12:00). Where I am right now it is 1:05 pm and the the top tide list is: Low Tide 12:14 am and it should read 12:14 pm.

  5. Tide info tells me when the last low/high tide occurred. Does the app not tell the next tide or today’s low/high tide times?

    1. it will show the closest tide, whether it is the past or the future. Soon I will update the app to show the 4 coming tides.

  6. Mike, I am using the non-US version and I can get the tide times but it does not show the tide height. Should it show the height?

    1. Unfortunately it is the case that the non-us version does not show the tide height because the data provider for international tides does not make that available to me. I hope to eventually add that feature, but it may be a while.

        1. I have not looked into that, but I certainly will give it a look. Right now I pull all the international information from one source and I’d like to keep from complicating things by pulling from a different source for each country.

  7. Thank you Mike! I am using 2.6.5 and really like the app, but I have one problem. I am in Canada and have my GPS turned on and have set my position using both postal code and city, province. But both entries results in getting tide data from the USA. Any clues for me?

    1. I suggest that you try the Non-US version as that will allow you to choose the exact location that you want. It should have any location you want in Canada.
      Have a great day.

  8. Nice App ! Can the data be Cached ? When I’m on the boat (and could use the info,) a data connection will not be possible. Cache of today/tomorrow would be great. Also the app is showing when High tide *was*. Next Low and high would be more useful. Thanks !

    1. Alrighty!
      Go and get version 2.6.0 it now includes data caching and I added the actual times of the tides, not just how much longer until they happen.
      I don’t yet have downloading more tides, just the most recent, but I’ll work on that soon.

    2. As you note I choose the most recent tide, whether it is in the future or the past the app just goes with whichever is closer. Maybe in the future I will add those settings, the caching at least isn’t too hard the way I have it implemented right now (Although a connection to your phone would be required, internet should not be). Gathering more tide data and parsing it would take more work, so that will come in a later version.
      Thanks for the feedback!

    1. I access the GPS with the Pebble app. I assume that the pebble app asks for location permissions. I do not have my own companion app, but in a way the Pebble app acts as the companion to get the GPS data.

    1. The app now works internationally, including France!

    2. S’il vous plaît pardonnez mon français, je suis en utilisant Google Translate. Je ne crois pas que l’API que j’utilise actuellement a des informations à l’extérieur de l’Amérique du Nord. Si vous en connaissez un qui a les marées internationales, faites le moi savoir.

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