This page contains a php script that will run to check whether or not your web browser has the Do Not Track ('DNT') bit on or off.

DNT will tell websites that you do not wish to be tracked although currently this user request is not enforced by law.

Please Note: Many websites are advertising based. Once ad servers start obeying the DNT advertisers will pay websites less for untrackable users. Please consider disabling DNT on your favorite ad supported sites.

Do Not Track is off!

Didn't find the results you were looking for? How to turn on DNT (opens in youtube)

For all browsers use the Google ads opt-out found here.

For Google Chrome install the Keep my Opt-Outs extention.

For Safari you will have to wait for the next version releasing with Mac OSX Lion.

Sorry Opera users no DNT for you either.


If you are using an anonymizing proxy the anonymizer will strip the DNT tag from the header, thus turning DNT off.