JavaScript Offline 2 Factor Authentication

This project source can be found on my github here.

This project is a single webpage to calculate time based tokens for two factor authentication, just like Google Authenticator or Authy does on your phone. There is no network connection necessary, so it can be used offline and you can be sure that I am not stealing your codes.

The project can be used live here.

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AudioDidact – Personal Podcast Generator

Have you ever wanted to take a YouTube video on the go with you without needing to download the video for offline viewing in the YouTube app? Or perhaps you want to listen to a YouTube video on your mobile device faster than 1x.  Both of these are possible if YouTube videos could be added to a podcast.

I have created a web service that allows a user to simply enter a YouTube URL and the video is downloaded, converted to MP3, and then added to a podcast feed that can be subscribed to easily by any podcatcher.

Try the service here!

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College Schedule Generator

This project is a PHP implementation of my idea for a schedule generator.  This means entering in all the courses that you want to take along with the available sections and the times it meets, then generating every possible non-conflicting schedule.

You can use the schedule generator project here.
You can use the University of Richmond specific version here.

The code is available on my GitHub here.
And the manual version is here.

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Computer Interface for HP/Agilent 3457A

I’m creating a python based interface for my new HP 3457A using a GPIB to USB interface. I’ll upload updates here.

It has pretty much all the features of the Agilent/Keysight 34461A including large readout, trend plot, histogram, and statistics.
I also included all the HP’s specifications so that it can show the range of possible values from the nominal reading.

If anyone is experienced in Python, then I would really appreciate help with the code.

With Python 3.6 installed, double click on the dmm_control script and then make sure that all the dependencies are installed.

You can find the code at github