Similar to great programs like Create-React-App and Vue-CLI, I wanted a simple too that anyone could use to generate any sort of application based on a wide range of templates. Create X App does just what it says; creates any sort of application based on predefined templates and user inputs to simple questions.

Check out the project on my GitHub, and use it live right now here.

The UI for users is a website using Vue and Vuetify. The backend that actually generates the application for you is written in Python and uses Falcon as the micro-framework to host the translation API. That Python backend is running in a Docker container. Finally, the templates use the Jinja templating language so that template authors can even use higher level abstractions and not just simple variable replacements.

Templates have a manifest.cxa.yml file which tells Create X App what type of application the template is for as well as the template variables that the user needs to fill out in order to get the generated files. See my example here.

I’m looking for help in creating new templates for Create X App. If you create one, or want my help in creating one, open an issue here.

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